Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet Bob

I'm very excited to say that I won Bob (my dream stroller) on Ebay last night. It's brand new and I saved about $150 bucks. It will arrive in a few days and I can't wait for Spring to get here so I can break it in.


And now I'm addicted to Ebay again. Check out all these sweet girl dresses from Lolly Wolly Doodle Wear.
I have my eye on these for Easter dresses!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just a few pictures....

Kate has mastered rolling over and is starting to enjoy tummy time. Lily can now roll over as well. She's still pretty unhappy when she gets there but you can tell she's really proud of herself. Kate slept on her stomach last night (which was super scare for me!) and she did great. I probably checked on her 10 times! Here are a few pics from Devin's i phone. I'm hoping to get one of those (along with a new camera!) for my birthday. Gotta take pictures of my girls!

Kate on her Boppy. She looks like she's flying.

Lily on her Boppy. I can't get a good picture of her because she's constantly licking things now!
Happy Lily

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Check out these girls!

Devin was in DC this last week for work so my mother in law and Catherine both came to help me out a few nights. Thankfully Catherine brought her camera Thursday night and we caught a couple of firsts. She is so good with the girls and we're very thankful to have such a wonderful friend. Kate and Lily LOVE their Aunt Catherine!

Kate can roll over to her tummy with ease and is starting to push herself up. She looks like she's trying to crawl!
I know Lily can roll over on her tummy as well, but I haven't seen it in person. Sometimes I'll find her in her crib and she's upset because she's rolled over and can't get back over on her back. We'll catch her soon!

AND now the girls can sit in their Bumbo seats. I had no clue they could use these this early but thought we would experiment. They're so cute!

Kate and Lily


Lily....LOVE this picture of her

They're getting to be so much fun and can seriously play on the floor for an hour at a time. So nice! Now if we can only start sleeping better.......

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Devin and I just got back from New Orleans. I'm sure you're wondering how we got to take such a fun trip with 4 month old babies. Gigi and Aunt Linda kept Kate and Lily for three nights. They're absolutely amazing! The girls had such a great time and I know they were spoiled beyond belief. I was the matron of honor in Courtney's wedding (and Robbie's!). The wedding was amazing and Courtney looked absolutely beautiful all weekend. Dinner at Antoines, lunch at Court of Two Sisters and a little kareoke at the Cat's Meow. SO much fun!


Courtney and I before the rehearsal dinner

Courtney and Robbie at the rehearsal dinner

Kara and I kareoking (no clue how to spell that!) After the song Devin suggested we pick a song we actually know next time. Oh, and we found out after that Kara's mike wasn't on so you could only hear me. Awesome. White boa courtesy of the bride (Courtney) who threw it to me from the balcony.
Bridesmaids: Kelly, Courtney Black, Lindsey W. (will never be able to spell your new last name!), Susanna and Lindsay Pate

Courtney and Robbie cutting the cake

All these pictures were borrowed and I'm so sad I don't have my own to share because I had some super cute ones. Too bad the camera was lost. Oh well...can't dwell on it. It was a fabulous weekend.

16 weeks

The girls are 16 weeks today. Time flies! We got new diapers today and they are now wearing a size 2 (12-18 pounds). Our 4 month appointment isn't until February 2nd and I can't wait to see what their percentages are. I have a feeling they've increased drastically again. Here's what's been going on:

Can roll over on her tummy and can push herself up to 90 degrees.She still hates being on her tummy though.
Weighs about 13 pounds now
Is talking like crazy
Is really starting to tell the difference between different faces and voices. She loves to hear new voices talk to her.
Is eating about 30 ounces on average daily.
Is NOT sleeping very well at night. She has gone back to wanting to eat twice in the middle of the night and mommy is NOT happy about that. I think she just wants to eat...can't blame her!
Is no longer being swaddled. We put her in a halo sleep sack and she's done very well with the transition.

Can roll over on her tummy but can't push herself up as much. She is why we stopped swaddling because she would roll over at night and her arms would be trapped so she couldn't get back over on her back. Scary.
Weighs about 12.5 pounds now
Is also talking like crazy
Eats about 27 ounces a day
Is also NOT sleeping very well. She also wants to get up and eat twice in the night. I think it's more to hang out and visit versus Kate who truly wants to eat. Lily just wants to talk.

So there's where we're at. I would love to post some current pictures but I lost my camera in New Orleans and haven't been able to take any. It's killing me. My birthday is coming up so hopefully I'll get a new camera soon! And no, I didn't lose my camera on Bourbon Street if that's what you're thinking. It fell out of my bag in the terminal when we were catching our 6:40 am flight. I'm not that irresponsible!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 Goals

1. Curtains for my living room and dining room. I'm thinking Tiffany blue.
2. Summer beach vacation. I want us to rent a beach house with family and bring the girls.
3. Fun weekend vacation with Devin. Maybe Mexico??? Mom, do you want to babysit?
4. Find a church for our family with a good nursery
5. Find a reliable babysitter that we can trust to keep the girls every once in awhile so Devin and I can go out to dinner occasionally. Not sure of the best way to do this but I plan on asking my neighbors who they use. They're moving soon so maybe we can just steal theirs!
6. Reconnect with friends. Now that the girls are getting a little easier, I would like to start seeing friends again. Maybe even having some dinner parties. The girls go to bed at 7pm so I'm hoping friends can come to us!
7. Frame some of the newborn pictures we had taken of Kate and Lily when they were 1 month old. I'm going to start a "Kate and Lily" wall and can't wait to fill it up. (I'm a procrastinator when it comes to framing pictures. I didn't frame any of our wedding pictures until after Jeff and Jenny got married and we went to their house for Christmas and they already had their wedding pictures everywhere. I had no excuse!)

Just some goals I've been thinking about and thought I would jot down. Maybe it will make me more accountable!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

We're 14 weeks (yesterday)

I can't believe the girls have been around for 14 weeks and 3 whole holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) Crazy!

They are officially wearing 3-6 month clothes and we're very lucky that they received several new outfits for Christmas. They're still wearing a size 1 diaper but I have a feeling that will change pretty soon. Kate's are getting a little snug! They are constantly babbling, starting to really be able to grab onto things and hold their toys, and are starting to use their legs to push up while in your lap. They both have incredibly strong legs. They can also sit up pretty well now when propped against a chair or pillow which makes things easier. They still don't know that one another exist and I'm not sure when that will occur. We try to make them look at each other and they turn the other way. I think they're in denial!

Here are a few pictures taken yesterday. Enjoy!!!!

Lily and Kate
Lily is seriously cracking herself up!

Guess I don't have say who this is since their names are on their shirts.
Gigi (my mom) got them these cute onesies

Sweet Kate
Bow is a hand me down from cousin Sloane

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New pictures

We had a wonderful Christmas and when I get those pictures together I'll do a post about the fun time we had with family and all the wonderful gifts the girls received.

Kate and Lily have learned how to grab and hold onto things so we introduced their dolls and Sophie The Giraffe and they love them. The pictures are really cute.

Lily and her doll (from her cousins Brooks and Morgan)
She likes to wrap her arms and legs around it and roll around

Kate and her doll
She mainly likes to chew on it

Kate with her Sophie The Giraffe (from Catherine)
Elle seems to like this toy so we have to keep a good eye on it!

Another picture of Kate with her bear

Kate and Lily dressed in purple for the TCU game (too bad we lost yesterday)
Cute purple outfits from Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jeff