Monday, April 25, 2011

And just for comparison....

Kate and Lily Easter 2010

(with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jeff)

Kate and Lily Easter 2011
Why are they growing so fast?!?!

Easter in Shreveport

We had a wonderful weekend in Shreveport and spent Easter with my parents in Shreveport. Devin and I got to have a date night Friday night, we grilled Saturday night and then all went to church together Sunday. Kate and Lily also got a little visit from the Easter bunny!

 Kate in pink and Lily in green


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Practice hunting Easter eggs

The girls had an Easter egg hunt yesterday at school so they got dressed up in their dresses my mom get them and came home with TONS of candy. We don't really keep candy in the house so the girls haven't had many sweets. I let them go a little crazy yesterday though and I think it's safe to say we love sugar. We took off our dresses to eat the candy so they wouldn't get stained. I didn't think we were ready for chocolate so I went ahead and took care of that and Elle, our dog, followed Kate and Lily around everywhere just waiting for something to be dropped!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet summer swimsuits!

The cutest thing in the world: sweet little girls with chubby thighs in swimsuits! We plan on doing this a lot this summer!

18 month stats

We went to the doctor this morning and Kate and Lily did so well at their appointment and barely shed a tear after getting two shots. The doctor said they are doing so well and growing at a wonderful rate. Lily is just a little bigger but he said they're basically identical in their percentages. Lily didn't pass her hearing test but she had a little fluid in one of her ears, and since she's doing well developmentally the doctor said not to worry. They'll test her again next time she comes in. So happy to have two healthy, happy girls!

Height: 33 inches (85%)
Weight: 23.4 pounds (35%)
Head: 47 inches (70%)

Height: 33.5 inches (90%)
Weight: 24.4 pounds (50%)
Head: 48 inches (90%)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're a year and a half!

Here's what we're up to at 18 months and since I never did a 17 month post, I'll do my best to combine these two very crazy, hectic wonderful months.

Both of my girls are on the same sleep schedule and they are currently going to bed at 7:30pm and waking around 7:15am. They take one nap a day from 12pm-2pm, sometimes 2:30pm if mommy's lucky!

Sizes: The girls have been pretty much the exact same size from birth, an indicator that they are more than likely identical.
Diapers: size 4
Shoes: size 5.5; We got new shoes last month and had a fun shopping trip to Nordstrom. The girls got their feet measured and we realized that they were wearing size 4 shoes and needed to be in a size 5.5. Oops! We got two new pairs of shoes each (that's 4 pairs of shoes!) and Kate threw a tantrum when she couldn't try on the little boy cowboy boots on display. Good times!
Clothes: We can still wear our Fall/Winter18M but the length in our pants and sleeves are too short. However, they're getting us through this crazy Dallas weather which is nice. All of our Spring/Summer outfits are 24M and 2T.

Favorite Foods: We love chicken tettrazini and mommy hides zuchini and mushrooms in it. I also have to puree the chicken because they don't care for meat. We also really like egg casserole and tuna fish as long as I go heavy on the mayonnaise. The girls love pretty much any fruit and also like oatmeal and yogurt.Our new favorite snack is pretzels and we are going through a phase where we no longer like bananas, once their very favorite food. We're trying to eat as a family at the table one or two nights a week (hard when Devin travels a lot) and that's been fun. It means we have to eat earlier than we would like to accommodate their 5:45pm dinner time or we will have a complete meltdown, but it's worth it. I'm also letting the girls eat with
forks and spoons more at dinner and they're getting pretty good. We choose dinner so I can toss them in the bathtub afterward.

Miss Kate: You are truly a little monkey. You are crawling on everything and can reach so many new things now. Including mommy's phone while charging, the bathroom faucets, door knobs, and the list goes on and on. I am exhausted at the end of the day keeping up with you and your sister. You have learned how to jump really well over the last two months and you bounce around the house. Your favorite thing at open gym is the trampoline (when the big kids aren't on it). You play independently really well and still continue to watch after your sister at times.This morning she was crying and you brought her several different options to console her: her milk cup, her baby doll as well as finger nail clippers (no clue how you got those). It was so sweet and I hope you continue to love and take care of your younger sister (by 30 minutes) as you both get older. One last thing I would like to document...You have started telling your mommy
"no-no". I guess we can add that to your new word list!

Sweet Lily: Your favorite place to be is outside and I can't believe how dirty you get! You are so very sweet but can also be very sassy at times. You still bite your sister when you want something (and she still sometimes bites you). You love to read books and also enjoy your Baby Einstein videos. Your favorites songs right now are If your happy and you know it, clap your hands, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and Old MacDonald Had a Farm.

This age is so hard but so fun at the same time!