Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday morning at the park

We had a wonderful morning and took a nice walk to the park where we played for an hour. We would have stayed longer if it weren't for a desperate need for diaper changes. Side note- I finished the girls dresses and they are wearing them in these pictures.

This face Kate makes cracks me up. She loves to scrunch her nose!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

16 Months

I  am SO behind and haven't updated my blog in weeks. And so much has been going on.We've had tons of ice and snow in Dallas, Devin took my to New York for my birthday and one of my best friends had a beautiful baby girl that I got to meet Monday. But let's get back to Kate and Lily turning 16 months.
 Sweet Lily. This month has been a little tough but we've had some pretty special moments. You are very strong willed and have started throwing small tantrums when you want something and I can't seem to figure out what that is. I think it ultimately boils down to problems with communication and you get frustrated that you can't tell us what you want. We have been doing really well with sign language and you love to sign "more" and "all done". You must be going through a growth spurt because you do the sign for "more" ALL the time! We sure do love our snacks! This month your eating has been so-so. That could be in part because you've had a cold though. Fruit is still your favorite and you love to eat oatmeal in the morning. You also love whole grain waffles with cream cheese or honey and your absolute favorite meal is a peanut butter and honey sandwich. Your vocabulary is growing like crazy. New words include ball, shoe, sock, poo-poo (love that one!), nanna (banana), book and Gigi taught you pretty! I love to hear your sweet little voice and all your new words. You are so smart and you're really into shapes right now. Your favorite toy is a little box that has a place to put shapes through the holes. Unfortunately that is one of your sister's favorite toys as well and you two have been fighting over it for weeks. I can't imagine how hard and frustrating it is for you to have to learn to share at such an early age and I'm really trying to be patient with you two. I know it the long run that everything will pay off and you will be ahead of the game when you really start school. You're doing so much better at Mother's Day Out and only cry a little if any when I drop you off. You're still very much a mama's girl and I have the back pains to prove it since you now weigh 22 pounds. I still hold you and Kate at the same time sometimes (it's so hard for me to tell one of you no) and have realize that you both weigh 44 pounds and I won't be able to do this much longer. We'll figure something out though!
Sweet Kate. You are older by 30 minutes and sometimes I think you know it. There are so many moments when you are truly the big sister. You will walk around the house and find Lily's sippy cup and make sure and bring it to her. Also, if you find Lily's special baby doll in the house you make sure and give her that as well. You are so sincere and I can tell you love to take care of Lily at times. However, you are also very aggressive and when you want something, you get it. It has caused lots of tears in the house but again back to sharing. We're all learning together. You love to tell most everyone you see "bye-bye" and "hi". It's so cute and your sweet little hand waving makes me smile every time. Lately you've been waking up from your naps a little early and I love the alone time we get to spend together. Your vocabulary has grown so much this month as well. You've learned the same new words as Lily.You used to always say hi when you woke up in the morning and now you say poo-poo. Makes me laugh until I have to change your diaper and also makes me realize we could very well be starting potty training soon and that's scary! You're a pretty good eater and your favorite meal is a peanut butter and honey sandwich as well.

Clothes size: 12-18M
Weight: 22 pounds
Height: ???? I don't know but very tall! They are the same height as some 2 year olds!
Shoes: size 4 but we're moving to 5 soon. I can tell your shoes are getting too small.