Friday, September 23, 2011

Pumpkin patch pictures

We took advantage of this amazing Dallas weather this morning and headed to the Arboretum. Catherine, Jennifer and little Elise met us and we had a picnic. It was so much fun and great to catch up with good friends!
Kate and Lily in Cinderella's carriage

Kelly & Kate, Jennifer & Elise, Catherine & Lily

 Hate that we can't see Catherine and Lily better in this picture!



Jennifer and Elise

Me and my girls!

Lily and was SO nice having her help with the girls!

Friday, September 16, 2011

23 months

Since we're getting close to Kate ad Lily's second Birthday I figured I would do a quick update on what we've been up to.

Kate: You used the big girl potty for the very first time last week! I picked you up from school and your teacher said you asked to go potty and went and sat down and successfully went. You're such a big girl! I'm so sad I wasn't there to witness it. However, you are clearly not ready to begin potty training. I brought out the potty seats after we got home from school because you said you needed to use the potty. You took your diaper off and ran from the bathroom to the living room and pooped behind the couch. We'll be sticking to diapers for the time being. You are becoming so social and love to make people laugh and laugh yourself. You're such a happy, funny girl!

Lily: Your teacher at school, Mrs. Collette, also asked you if you wanted to try the potty and you said "no-no" and ran away. Funny girl! You are more "suspicious" of things but seem to truly trust your sister and her judgement more than anything. Its so sweet that if you're scared to try something, you'll usually go after your sister does. How lucky are you and Kate to have each other?! You give the very best hugs and are becoming so sweet. However, you are equally sassy which cracks me up...most of the time.

I can't believe we're only a few weeks away from being two. You both have grown so much and are so much fun to be around. You go to school on Mondays and Thursdays and then alternate on Tuesdays. This is something new we're trying and so far it has been wonderful for both mommy and you. I get to spend one on one time with each of you, something I've never really done before. And my goodness it's easy only having one at a time. I wouldn't trade you guys for the world though!

Side note, I would LOVE to post pictures of Kate and Lily because they are so stinking cute, but my camera has been broken for over a month now. So frustrating! The Geek Squad at Best Buy better have it fixed before the big party!