Wednesday, March 31, 2010

26 Weeks...or SIX MONTHS!!!

Kate and Lily are 6 months today! I can't believe they are half a year old. Everything is going by so fast. I just want to freeze these little chubby babies and not let them grow anymore. We have our 6 month appointment in a couple of weeks so I'll be able to give you guys all the stats. We're going to start rice cereal Saturday and plan on taking lots of pictures and videoing this fun experience. The girls are both on the verge of crawling and are already scooting and rolling everywhere. I've lost 3 pounds just trying to keep up with them. They are definitely the bosses of the house. Here are some pictures we took this morning. They are both such happy, healthy babies and we're very thankful for that. Enjoy!!

 Kate and Lily. Lily loved taking pictures today...she was quite the ham!
 I love it when they hold hands. My little Easter bunnies.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kate and Lily's Sip and See

We were in Shreveport this weekend and had a Sip and See at Gigi's house. The girls were AMAZING! I was so nervous that it was going to turn into a "Sip and Scream" because of their stranger anxiety but we were all on our best behavior and even managed to keep our headbands on for most of the party. Huge accomplishment! We had a really good turn out and it was so fun to introduce the girls to all the special people that have shown us so much love and support. Here are some pictures. They were wearing the sweet Petit Ami outfits from Gans and Aunt Melissa and they looked like such sweet angels in them. So precious!


Miss Kate
 Kathy playing with Kate and Lily
 Kate trying to eat Lily's shirt
 Kate telling Lily a secret
 Play time...they look so much alike!
 Katherine holding Kate. I used to babysit Katherine when she was a baby. We want her to go to college at SMU and babysit for our girls. Pretty please!
 Lily with Sherry. She just couldn't make it to the end.
 After we took some family pictures. Papa with Lily and Gigi with Kate
 Devin with Lily and me and Kate
Aunt Linda with Kate and Brooks. Also pictured is Sophie the giraffe!
 Calli (Lindsey's little sister) with Kate. Calli came by and brought cupcakes along with these sweet cupcake outfits to go with the theme. She also MADE Kate and Lily these adorable headbands and I do believe this is Kate pulling it off! Thank you, Calli!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Five months (or 24 weeks!)

I never did a 5 month post, so here it is!

At 5 months Kate and Lily are very aware of one another. It's been so fun to watch them figure out that there's another little person playing next to them. At this point what they love most about having each other is being able to borrow each others hands, legs and even toes to suck on. They've started to teethe now and basically anything is fair game. They are both sleeping through the night. Hallelujah and thank you to Mr. Ferber!

-Is starting to crawl backwards. We're thinking she'll be crawling any day now!
-LOVES to grab my nose...and it hurts.
-Is drinking 6 ounces of formula 5 times a day, so 30 ounces.
-Sometimes bullies her little sister. She's starting to take Lily's toys....uh-oh!
-Sleeps like a teenager. I have to wake you at up 7:00 am every morning!
-Weighs 15.5 pounds.

-Is getting really good at pushing herself up. She can "scoot" backwards.
-Is also really handsy and grabs my nose, eyes and lips. I have to cut their nails every other day now!
-Is also drinking 6 ounces of formula 5 times a day, 30 ounces.
-Really doesn't enjoy going to sleep. She really fights it and will wake up after a 15 minute nap wanting to play. I have to let her cry in her crib for awhile and put herself back to sleep. She's my alarm clock and always the first one up in the house.
-Weighs 15 pounds.

We're going to start rice cereal in a few weeks and I'm very excited about feeding them their first solids. You can start between 4 and 6 months and we've decided (with the recommendation of our pediatrician) to wait until 6 months because they're doing just fine gaining weight! Check out these new pictures. Do they really have 3 rolls on their little legs??? LOVE IT!


 Kate..look how big she is in the chair!
 Lily asleep with her doll
 Kate and Lily both smiling....go me for getting a picture with two smiles at the same time!
 Lily over taking pictures...check out that sweet thigh!
Kate eating Lily's hand.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ferberizing Lily

Kate and Lily are now 23 weeks today and still not sleeping all the way through the night. We have been getting up at 4 am for a bottle for the last 3 months.

We decided to go with the Ferber method. We've changed it up a little and haven't gone cold turkey, but just about! We started this last Thursday and Lily woke up right on cue, 3:45 am. We let her cry for 45 minutes. We did go check on her periodically and consoled her in her crib by rubbing her head and just letting her know we were there. She finally went back to sleep. What we realized is that Kate is totally capable of sleeping 7p-7a, 12 hours straight. We've been waking her up to eat with Lily to keep them on the same schedule when she very well could have been sleeping away all night. For the record, I still would have done all that the same in order to keep them on the same schedule. It's been so hard listening to Lily cry but after 6 nights of this, I believe we're starting to see the light. Last night she woke up at 5:15 am and whined a little. She's quite the whiner! When I went to check on her she was playing with her doll and laughing in her crib, not upset at all. She went back to sleep on her own a few minutes later. It's been more than 5 months, but we're feeling really good about them sleeping through the night and even better about us getting to sleep through the night!

Here's a clip from the Modern Family Ferberizing Lily episode. Classic that their little girls name is Lily as well! I'm totally Cam and Devin is definitely Mitchell.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New clothes for Kate and Lily!

Some new clothes I ordered for the girls came in today and I love them! I purchased them from a store called Lolly Wolly Doodle. I ended up getting these items from her ebay store and paid the reserve prices for everything. She even let me buy another set of everything- at the reserve price- since I have twins. So nice! The lime green and hot pink gingham set is monogrammed with their initials and came with pants and bloomers. They can wear them in the summer and then again in the winter with a shirt underneath. And I love the sweet dresses with their names on them. Perfect for Spring!Now if only everything always worked out perfectly when I order clothes online.......


HUGE success!

This morning I went to a bible study with my neighbor that focuses on how to be a better mother and wife. Thinking I could always use some tips there, right?! When she asked me if I would want to go (they meet once a month) I immediately said sure. Then I started thinking about putting the girls in the nursery and my anxiety sunk in. The girls haven't been in the nursery or daycare before since they were born in flu season. (Plan on having your baby in the spring or summer- much healthier time of year!) And with all the swine flu craze, we've been extremely careful about keeping them in doors when they were newborns and not going to church because we didn't want to put them in the nursery. Though I'm glad that we had the option to keep them at home, they still managed to get sick in December with RSV, from family nonetheless. Guess you can't completely shield your child, or children in our case from everything. That's the thing- when one gets sick, the other is going to get it as well. Anyways, back to my reason for this post: I dropped the girls off at the nursery door. You can't actually go into the nursery for insurance purposes, or because crazy moms probably go in there and won't let go! I thought the hard part would be them crying but I actually got pretty sad leaving them. Keep in mind it was only for 2 hours! They gave me a pager to use and if they cry more than 15 minutes, you have to come back and get your baby (or babies!!). I came back to get them after the class..more like sprinted to the door. The girls were doing so well and the nursery workers said they barely cried. They asked me to bring them back soon because they were so cute and sweet. I'm thinking..sure, how about any night this week so my husband and I can go have pizza and wine!!

When we left the nursery manager came up and let me know that she's a twin and our girls will always have a best friend for life. She said she still talks to her sister, her best friend, every single day. How special is that!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So the girls are officially suffering from stranger anxiety. It first started at their 4 month check up when Lily started screaming at the nurse who tried to pick her up, but I don't think I really got that that was what was going on. Then both girls would start screaming at random friends who came over. (As if it's not enough that our dog barks at our friends who come over!) Then they went into all out hysterics when we went to a couple's baby shower. Someone tried to take Kate out of her carrier and she started crying uncontrollably. We couldn't even feed her and there aren't many times when these girls don't eat. I can't wait for this part to be over with.

Other than that, we've had a lot of other fun stuff going on. Two weekends ago my friends Courtney Black and Lindsey W. (let's be honest, none of us know how to spell her last name) came and babysat. Devin and I went out for his birthday to Hibiscus, our favorite restaurant in Dallas. We were nervous about the whole stranger anxiety, but everything went perfectly and the girls didn't even get upset. You could tell they were thinking about it at first though! They were such good babysitters and sent me pictures while we were at dinner of the girls asleep in their cribs...which made dinner that much more enjoyable!! Thank you so much for keeping our girls!

We have also been trying on lots of clothes for spring. I can't wait for the warm weather. I'm so sick of putting the girls in jackets AND hats. It will be so nice to go on walks in our new stroller soon. Also, the girls are 5 months!! I'll post their 5 month picture later on in the week and let you know what new things they can do (besides scream at people!)

Here are some of our newer pictures:




Lily hugging Kate

Kate and Lily