Thursday, November 17, 2011

First haircuts

 Kate and Lily have been struggling to grow hair since shortly after they were born. They had pretty dark hair when they were born and then it all fell out shortly after. It then grew in a light brownish blond color. I don't want to cut bangs so we've been trying to grow them out for about two years now. The back of their hair has grown more so they pretty much have a mullet. Our good friend Alison who babysits for the girls time to time does hair so offered to trim their mullets. She came to our house and the whole process lasted 5 minutes. They really don't look any different but I'm hoping the trim will make their hair grow back longer and thicker. We'll see! We strapped the girls in their booster seats, turned on the television and gave them fruit snacks to sit still. It worked!
Alison with the girls pre-haircut
Kate clapping after her hair was trimmed


We decided to finger paint after since we were so good during our haircuts

Kate's masterpiece

Friday, November 11, 2011

What the two year olds have been up to

Kate and Lily have been busy, busy little girls.

We converted our cribs to toddler beds a few weeks ago.

So far it's going pretty well. It gets challenging during nap time because they talk FOREVER before going to sleep and like to get out of their beds every once in awhile to play with each other. However, that's really not different that when they were in cribs because they both have been climbing out of their cribs for months.

Devin and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary October 28th. My parents took the girls to Shreveport for the weekend and we got to stay in Dallas child free. It was amazing. Can't tell you how many times we went out to eat over the weekend! 
Unfortunately, Devin and I didn't take any pictures over the weekend so I'll post one of my 3 most favorite people in the world instead!
We celebrated Halloween with friends in the neighborhood. I have no pictures of this. The only reason I'm bringing it up is to note that Kate and Lily refused to wear their costumes. Kate was a bumble bee and Lily was a ladybug. Their costumes were adorable and they through fit after fit before I gave up and let them trick or treat in their regular clothes. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Kate and Lily continue to prove to me that they are the messiest eaters in the world. Here's Lily after she dumped honey mustard sauce in her hair from Chick-fil-a and told me she was "washing her hair with it". Disgusting.

 And here the girls decided to throw their macaroni on the floor. If you look closely you can see a noodle stuck to the wall behind Lily. Hilarious.

So that's what's been going on over here. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!