Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Babybel Cheese "incident"

And because I'm on a roll downloading pictures, here's one last post for the day! Last week we made a trip to Sam's and I picked up some Babybel cheese. It's an easy snack to throw in my purse for the girls and I like them too! So, we get home and I'm putting everything away and then I realize that it's been very quiet for several minutes and I usually don't have this much "freedom" without one of my busy toddlers pulling at my leg. Right when we got home the girls saw the cheese and asked for a piece. I told them no because I would be giving them lunch in 5 minutes and they could have a piece then. Guess I left the cheese where they could reach and they somehow broke into the packaging and took a bite out of EVERY SINGLE PIECE. Apparently it wasn't appetizing since they were eating the red wax coating and then spit it out all over the floor. But they kept trying.....They went through $8 of cheese that afternoon in approximately 2 minutes. Do I laugh or cry? I laughed because it was pretty funny....

Kisses from Kate

These pictures aren't the best but wanted to document Kate's first sweet kisses. Both Kate and Lily have started giving us kisses and Devin took a few pictures of Kate "playing hard to get tonight". These kisses can be so messy but sooo special!

And of course when Kate did finally give me a kiss, Lily's head is in front of the camera and the flash didn't go off. Oh well!

Sweet girls....(most of the time!)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Just got Kate and Lily their very first TCU apparel. Can't wait to see them in these cute dresses I found on sale through Zulily!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arboretum with friends

We met my best friend from high-school Jennifer and her daughter Elise at the Arboretum yesterday for a picnic. We had a good time catching up and Kate and Lily were pretty much obsessed with everything to do with Elise. Kate sat in Elise's car seat, Lily put Elise's pacifier in her mouth and then both girls insisted on helping Miss Jennifer push her baby stroller. The girls also got to play in the little frog splash area for awhile and that was a huge hit. I didn't get many pictures but luckily Jennifer did. We'll definitely be visiting the frogs again soon! Thank you friends for making the drive over to Dallas!
Kate eating her snack sitting in Elise's car seat that is upside down, of course
The girls helping Jennifer push her stroller

Monday, June 6, 2011

The funniest thing I've seen in a long time.....

My friend Doug emailed this to me assuming I would have already read it, but I hadn't. It's a top 15 about twins and it's SO true. It's AMAZING how many people come up to us while shopping or playing and ask these random questions. I've been asked at least 10 of these. Enjoy!

The Top 15 Stupid Things People Say to Parents of Twins
15. “I could never do it.” (Oh really. What would you do? Are you suggesting I put them on the curb with signs around their necks that say, “Free to a good home. My mom can’t do it.”?)
14. “Do they have different personalities?” (No. They are the same human being divided into two parts.
13. Said by a stranger, “They’re identical, right?” Mom answers, “No. They’re fraternal.” Stranger response, “They are NOT!” (OK. You’re right. I have no idea what I’m talking about. These are not my children. I thought it would be fun to borrow them from a mom down at Baby Gap. It’s been more than an hour. I guess I should return them.)
12. “Are they ‘paternal’ twins?” (Yes. They have a father. There was only one virgin birth.)
11. “Just wait till they’re older. It only gets harder.” (Thank you. I woke up this morning hoping I’d receive a word of discouragement while pushing a cart of preschoolers down the cereal aisle.)
10. “When one cries, does he wake the other?” (No. Twins cannot hear each other’s cries because they all communicate with their special telepathic language only.)
9. From a perfect stranger: “Were they in the same sac?” (Hello. Nice to meet you, too. Will you be sharing your gynecological history with me as well?)
8. “Are they developmentally behind?” (Well, let’s see. They’re 3 years old and thus far, all their graduate school applications have been denied. We’ll get back with you on that.)
7. “How do you do it?” (Haven’t you seen the Nike commercials?)
6. Said by a dentist: “I was shocked that they didn’t have the same bite patterns.” (They are two different human beings, not clones.)
5. “You must be SO busy.” (Are you volunteering to clean my house?)
4. Said to a mom of fraternal twins who are different sizes, have different eye color and different face structure: “How do you tell them apart?” (I just look at them.)
3. “What do you do when they both cry at the same time?” (Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I go to Starbucks.)
2. Said to a mom of boy/girl twins: “Are they identical?” (Uh. Not exactly. One has a penis)
1. Only one comment could be voted No. 1. The choice was clear. Drum roll, please. After a stranger had been informed that the toddler boys were twins, she asked a simple question: “Are they brothers?” (Enough said.)
Let’s be honest. People are fascinated with twins. They don’t mean to say stupid things. It just happens. It happens to all of us. Saying stupid things is one activity that joins us all together as human beings. Learn to forgive the frailties of others and enjoy the laughs later. Life is a journey. Enjoy the double-stroller roller coaster ride!

Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Summer!

 We've been working on ways to keep entertained as the temperature is getting closer to 100 degrees. We went to a splash park Tuesday with some of our friends in the neighborhood and had a blast. Splash parks, yet another thing I knew nothing about before having children. The girls had a blast so we went back with another friend this morning and the water wasn't turned on because a part was broken. Splash parks, not so much fun without water. Oh well, we'll be back much more this year. Here are some pictures we took after coming home since the park was closed.
Lily riding her new tricycle from Gigi
Playing in our pool. Pretty sure we could use a larger one this year!

Kate rocking on our neighbor's front porch

Kate and Lily talking to the neighbor's dog