Wednesday, February 24, 2010


In honor of Devin's birthday, I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures of him and the girls.



All three of them passed out. Love Lily in the back!




Probably one of the last times we can hold both of them at once. They're getting too big!
Happy Birthday....we love you!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help me pick pictures!

I saw this on another blog and I want to take advantage of it as well.

You can turn your pictures into a canvas and they're running a special where an 8X10 is free. I'm thinking I'll pay a little more and get the 11X14. I hate making these decisions (which is why I still haven't framed any of the girl's newborn photos!) And it's so hard because I have to pick out two pictures and I want them to coordinate.

These are my two favorite pictures of the girls from their one month pictures:

LOVE this picture of Kate

And this one was my favorite of Lily. She looks so sweet!

I like these two...but didn't really want to be in the picture!

And then these are the two that really coordinate 

What do you guys think?!?!?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More snow day pictures

Lily and Kate all bundled up in the stroller

Cousin Grayson with the girls. He came over and stayed with us Saturday night because their power was out. We had such a good time and he was so sweet to the girls!

Family picture Grayson took for us. 

I can't believe we got a shot with both girls smiling at the same time!

My Valentines gift from Devin. A box of cherry fave. I've already eaten 3 and have big plans for more!
Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day in Dallas!

It snowed like crazy yesterday! I don't think Dallas has ever seen snow like this. We finally got out in it today while the girls were taking a nap. Elle loves the snow. I'm thinking when the girls wake up we might bundle them up and take them out as well. They need to experience their first snow, right? Or at least take some fabulous pictures!

Staying warm inside with these warm babies! Love my shirt in the picture of Kate and I. I always have drool and spit up down my left shoulder.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our little monkeys

I'm thinking the girls are starting to realize there are two of them. How could they not, right??? They really like to grab each others hands and they are pretty much all over each other! I got some cute pictures of them yesterday just in their own little worlds.

Kate and Lily

Holding hands

Kate hugging Lily

They seriously stayed like this for 5 minutes. So sweet!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fabulous Birthday Weekend!

We went to Shreveport Saturday afternoon to celebrate my birthday (and so we would have babysitters!) We dropped the girls off and checked into the Hilton downtown which is probably the nicest hotel in Shreveport. I was impressed! Because Devin travels so much, they upgraded us to a suite. We went to a wine bar and had a drink and an appetizer then headed to Chianti for dinner. It was SO good! The next morning I woke up at 4:30 am and realized that I didn't have to get up to feed the girls, so immediately went back to bed (after feeling sorry for my parents because I knew they were up feeding the girls). We finally got up at 7 am, because we can't sleep in anymore, and headed downstairs for breakfast. And after we ate Devin went and worked out while I took a 2 hour nap. So awesome! Next, I went to get a massage that was my birthday present from Jeff and Jenny and it was incredible. Such a great gift for a new mom! After that we hung out with my parents and watched the Super Bowl. Dad grilled ribs and steak and we had an ice cream cake for my birthday cake. My absolute fave. We left after the girls finished their last bottle so they would be asleep while we drove home. It was such a nice weekend and  I'm so glad I got to spend my birthday with my family.


Kate and Lily

This picture cracks me up! Lily likes to kick her leg up and this is right before it hit Kate in the eye. They both look so serious.

Kate and Lily holding hands. And no I didn't stage this.

Friday, February 5, 2010

One year ago today

I woke up this morning and remembered that one year ago today I found out I was pregnant. It will always be easy for me to remember since it's a day before my birthday. Again, what a great birthday present. Of course the thought never even crossed my mind that I might be having two babies. These girls are so funny and so much fun these days. One year ago today was definitely one of the best days of my life.

Here are a few pictures I've taken the last few days. We got to use our new stroller for the first time today and we absolutely love it!

Devin and Lily playing when she woke up. I love her sweet smile when she's looking at her Daddy.

Kate hanging out in her Bumbo.

Practicing with the stroller that I put together myself (Scary!) while Kate was still taking a nap. I can't believe they're big enough to even fit in this stroller!

Well it finally happened....Lily has been trying for over a week to get her foot in her mouth and she has finally succeeded. We're so proud!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4 month check up

We had our 4 month check up today. My we're getting to be big girls!

Here are our percentages:
Kate Elizabeth
Height: 24.25 inches; 50%
Weight: 13 pounds 14 ounces; 55%
Head Circumference: 40.6; 50%

Lily Elise
Height: 24.125 inches; 48%
Weight: 13 pounds and 5 ounces; 48%
Head Circumference: 41.5; 75% (WHAT?!? Lily has always had a smaller head. If you remember, I was once worried because her head fell in the 10th percentile. Guess her head is growing overtime!!)

Both girls got very good reports. Their weight and development is right on track. The doctor even said that them being able to roll over from their back to their stomach is advanced. I'm so happy and feel very fortunate that they are doing so well and I'm so very proud of what beautiful, funny little girls they are becoming. It's definitely a privilege to be their mom.

Here are a few pics from today. Devin got me an iphone for my birthday and gave it to me early. It was a very thoughtful birthday present and I had a lot of fun using it today.

At the Pediatrician's office: Kate in the back and Lily yawning in the front.

Kate wondering why mommy brought her here for shots.

Lily smiling because she hasn't been told she's about to get shots.

The girls showing off their skills. Both rolled over and started pushing up. The nurse said they will be crawling very, very soon. Yikes! Oh, and check out their bald spots. They're starting to grow in but they still have old man hair.

Back home, both girls passed out. Kate in the swing.

Lily in her crib.
All in all it was a pretty good day!