Wednesday, July 27, 2011

All about July

This month is just flying by and I can't believe I haven't talked about any of it. Well, here it goes...

One of my best childhood friends (we've been friends since 3!) got married July 4th weekend in Bentonville, AR. We had such a wonderful weekend with friends and family. I was in the wedding so a HUGE thanks to Devin, GiGi and Papa (my parents) and Aunt Jenny for helping out with the girls all weekend. Oh, and Aunt Jenny's friend Sarah who helped out as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's not easy entertaining toddlers in a hotel!
Kate at the wedding

Lily at the wedding

Catherine and Sean Parks

Majority of the bridesmaids in Austin, TX for Catherine's Bachelorette party

Me, Jennifer and Catherine at Trudy's in Austin

The next weekend my amazing husband sent me to the Crescent Spa for a massage and some girl time with my friend Amy. Amy has a daughter Landry that is 6 months younger than Kate and Lily. They seem so far apart in age but in reality they'll be in the same class for school. We're hoping they'll be life long friends! Doug (Amy's husband) and Devin took the girls to the Arboretum and then back to our house to play. We joined them later in the afternoon and we enjoyed a new fun drink called Skinny Firefly iced tea. It's so good but I do recommend mixing it with a little lemonade. I've also been enjoying Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl Margarita this summer and highly recommend that as well.
Lily, Kate and Landry taking a bath
And then just this last weekend Devin and I got to have a "staycation" at our house. My parents live in Shreveport so we each drove an hour and half and met in Tyler. We ate dinner and then we left in my parents car and they left in our car with the girls. We had such a nice weekend but honestly, we missed the girls! Our house was SO quiet (and clean!) without them here. We ate some delicious food; Urbano was our favorite and then we saw Horrible Bosses one afternoon and it was well, horrible. But it was so nice to go see an afternoon movie, something we used to do all the time but now is a luxury.
Lily at GiGi and Papa's
Kate at GiGi and Papa's

So that's what's been going on in July. It's crazy hot in Dallas so we're all looking forward to the Fall already.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

21 Months

Kate and Lily are 21 months and only 3 months away from being 2. Time flies and my girls are getting to be so big!

We just started back to summer school and we are now going two days a week. Both girls enjoy school but are completely worn out when they get home which can make afternoons challenging. They have been coming home with lots of art work and their teachers said they're doing really well and are now the veterans in the class. Since they have September birthdays they'll always be the oldest in their class. I think that will be a good thing for them!

What's new this month:
-We bought our first potty after watching Elmo's Potty and showing a lot of interest in using our "potty words". I know the girls aren't anywhere near potty training but I like the idea of them seeing the potty and having access to it, and maybe even using it one day soon. But for now it's just a really cool chair that we sit on!

-We started time out this month and it's going pretty well. We're still learning the concept but the girls have stayed when put in time out and have learned the word "sorry" this month. This morning Kate kept turning on the bathroom faucet and putting toys in the water (a big no-no) so I asked her if she wanted to go to time out. She actually went to the corner of the bathroom and sat down for a few minutes all by herself. Kate has had time out quite a few more times than Lily so guess she's getting the hang of it. It was hard not to laugh when she put herself in time out!

-Meal times are starting to drive me insane! The girls love to play with their food and make huge messes. They seriously have got to be the messiest eaters in the world! We still throw our food on the floor if it doesn't appeal to us, we LOVE to put food in our hair and pretend like it's shampoo and we also enjoy using our fork to comb food into our hair. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. We put our highchairs up in the attic this week and are using our booster seats at the table now. The girls enjoy it more and I'm hoping we can all act a little more civilized at the table. I'm sure this is wishful thinking but it's SO nice not having two giant highchairs in my breakfast room.
Kate on spaghetti night
Lily on spaghetti night

-We still really enjoy playing outside which is hard in this heat. Kate and Lily don't seem to mind the heat though and we're getting nice little sun tans from being outside so much. It's pretty cute and I can't wait to spend a week at the beach this summer with family!

-Kate and Lily still remain pretty much the same size. We're wearing 2T clothes and have gone up to a 6 1/2 in shoes. We bought new shoes a month a half ago and their toes are already almost at the end. I wear a 9 1/2  and Devin wears a 12 so guess it's safe to say Kate and Lily will have big feet like their parents! Their hair is getting so long now so we can do a lot more with it and it makes them look so old. We still haven't gotten our first hair cut but I think it's coming up. We also have all of our teeth minus the two year molars and that makes us look a lot older as well.

-The word NO has become our favorite and we just love to use it. We now know what we want, and more importantly what we don't want, and we have have the vocabulary to let others know. Luckily they've also started giving some pretty sweet kisses this last month and that makes up for the whole no thing...a little. 

-And one last note on this last month...Kate crawled out of her crib for the first time (not sure if I documented this in a previous post). We were all ready to start moving to toddler beds (our beds convert) but she has managed to only do it that one time so we're holding off as long as we can.

Kate blowing her Daddy a kiss when he was leaving for work

 Both girls look so much older to me now and have really lost their little baby faces. They love to point out other babies and talk to them and it's so weird to me because to me they're still my babies. But they really are turning into such big, sweet girls with very strong personalities. It's very hard having two girls that are so strong willed but it's so much fun to watch them grow and become closer and closer to one another. They kissed each other for the first time a few nights ago and it was probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Looking forward to more moments like that in our future!