Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Petit Frere HOLIDAY BLOWOUT sale!

I wanted to post details about a great warehouse sale by Petit Frere Wednesday, December 8th. Their clothes are so cute and a mother of twins started the line here in Dallas. I've seen their items in boutiques in Shreveport and Memphis while visiting family and they are pretty pricey. However, at these sales you can get precious applique dresses and sets for $5-$10. Obviously I'm shopping for girls, but they also have cute jon-jons and applique shirts for boys. If you're in or around Dallas, you should definitely check this out!

Details for the sale:
Join us for our final sale of 2010 and stock up on Holiday gifts for everyone on your list.  We will have our $5 and $10 items with new things we haven't had at the sales before.  Also, our Fall 2010 holiday items will be 20% off of already deeply discounted retail prices.

We hope you can make it and do your holiday shopping with us! 

Central Falls Warehouse 
Garland, TX 75041
***It is literally in a warehouse so don't be surprised when you pull up. 

Kate and Lily are 14 months!

 I think it's safe to say that Kate and Lily are starting to become two little busy toddlers. They are into everything and are getting to be so fast! This last month was pretty hard because we were sick most of it. From the infamous hand foot mouth, to the stomach bug that wiped the whole family out the week before Thanksgiving, we've all been a little fussy to say the least. Oh, and Lily is getting all 4 of her molars at the same time. Kate is currently getting 2.
 So what's new: The girls are starting to become picky eaters. I'm hoping this is just a stage or has to do with being sick. They used to eat whatever I gave them and now they have an opinion which means if they don't want it, they throw it on the floor. We're starting to learn the word "no" and we're not so sure we like it. We're also having a little trouble learning to share but I've been told they don't really learn that until 3 or so. If anyone has a good book on parenting/disciplining they would like to recommend, please share! As you can see in the picture below it was Kate's turn to get in the swing and Lily was not happy about it.

 Both girls are truly mama's girls. They are all over me right now which is so sweet but makes things very hard when you only have two hands and one lap to comfort two babies.
Kate and Lily are really starting to babble and talk and it's so sweet! Our current vocabulary consists of mama., dada, ba-ba, dog, shoe and bye-bye. I love their sweet little voices! They also have some words they say to one another that we don't quite understand. Wondering if this is their own little language I've heard about?? Our most favorite place to be is outside. They love to explore and walk around and play in the yard. We've also started watching an episode of Baby Einstein once a day and they are really into it. I hate putting them in front of a tv at this age, but they really are learning from it. They can now point and play peek a boo and they picked that up from one of the episodes. Plus it helps me a ton so that I can make their dinner during their 5p-6p fussy hour. My most favorite thing they've started doing is hugging. It's not often, but it's absolutely wonderful!
We are now drinking from cups and it's been nice to pack away the bottles. We went cold turkey and it was a huge success. Kate caught on after 30 minutes and it took Lily 48 hours without milk to finally switch to the cup. It worked though and I'm a huge fan. This month I'm going to look at consolidating their naps. They are really good sleepers and currently still take two naps, one from 9:30a-11a and another from 2:30p-4p. I really would prefer for them to continue taking two naps so that I can have the free time, but they're starting to talk and play more and more at the beginning and I can tell it's getting time to consolidate. We'll see how that goes. Here's hoping for a very healthy next month!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christmas cards from Shutterfly!

I went Fort Worth last night to have dinner with Courtney. We started talking about how excited we are for Christmas and she mentioned that she had just finished addressing ALL of her Christmas cards before I got there. Made me feel behind! She ordered her Christmas Cards from Shutterfly and is so happy with them! I had already planned to order our Christmas Cards from them because their prices are so reasonable and they make it so easy. Here are a few that I'm in love with. Please help me decide! I'm currently leaning towards the first one and the last one from the options below. I plan on getting this super cute coordinating address labels as well.

There are so many to choose from and to make things even better, I will get 50 free cards for this post. That will put a huge dent in my list. If you're a blogger and are looking for free Christmas Cards or invitations for a holiday event, go here. Thank you, Shutterfly! Now all I have to do is decide what picture to use!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What's been going on.....

I haven't blogged in forever and we've actually had a lot going on.

1. I was a soccer mom for Halloween and made myself a pretty cute shirt if I do say so myself. Devin and I went to an engagement/costume party for our friends Laura and Alex and we had so much fun.

2. Kate and Lily got hand foot and mouth at Mothher's Day out a few weeks ago and we're just now recovering. While getting the girls checked out, our Pediatrician examined Lily's ear and we found out she had an ear infection as well. We have had some very, very rough days/nights the last few weeks but are now fully recovered (I think!).

3. I got a sewing machine and just ordered my very first pattern. It's for a peasant dress and I'm going to attempt to create one this weekend. I got the pattern here and as you can see there are tons of other things I want to sew. Really hoping I've found some sort of calling here!

4. Devin got me a very special anniversary gift that really surprised me. It's this bracelet from David Yurman and he had a very sweet story to go along with it about how one part was Kate, one was Lily, and one was him, and I'm the part that holds everything together. Not sure if that makes sense to you, but it made perfect sense to me and was so special.
5. I have already started my Christmas shopping and am almost through AND haven't stepped one foot in the mall. Yay!

6. I'm so excited to see my family at Thanksgiving. We'll be in Memphis this year at my brother Jeff and Jenny's. Can't wait to eat some amazing food!

7. And last but not least, Happy Birthday Catherine Traylor!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Little Princesses

Kate and Lily are too young to trick-or-treat, but we still dressed up and passed out candy to other kids in the neighborhood. We already had princess gear so the girls were set. Can't wait until next year when the girls actually get candy because I secretly want to steal some!