Friday, December 30, 2011

December 2010 and December 2011

Christmas in Redstone, CO

 We spent Christmas again this year in Colorado. It was a little challenging getting up there but we had a great time with Gans and Pampa (Devin's parents) once we finally made it. Side note- we will be flying next time we make this trip! The girls enjoyed the snow much more this year than last, especially riding down the driveway on the toboggan and Devin and I got to spend a day in Aspen as well as go snowmobiling. We ended the trip at the Glenwood Hot Springs pool. It was 10 degrees outside and we got to spend the afternoon swimming. Definitely the highlight of the trip!
Lily refused to wear her hat and would only wear my gloves...luckily Devin's Dad had an extra pair. Another side note- dressing toddlers in snow gear can be very challenging!

Kate in front and Lily in back

Playing with Poppie and Daisy (the dogs)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Card pictures..the ones that almost made it...

We haven't sent out our Christmas cards this year because I just finally got a picture Sunday that I wanted to use. They'll be going out sometime next week..just in time! Here are a few cute ones I got while trying to get that perfect picture. Kate is in the white dress and Lily is in red.

Too bad its blurry!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pictures from my phone

Lily picking out our tree

Kate tasting the tree. She said it was yucky! We went with a table top tree this year so Kate and Lily won't be tempted to take the ornaments off. Good idea but they can still climb on top of the table.

Christmas dresses I made for Kate and Lily and their cousin Sloane.

The girls decorating the tree that goes in their room. All the ornaments are on the bottom!
Kate and the TCU tailgate. Go FROGS!